There is a tradition by American police when one of their own has been killed. The tradition is to find, and murder the suspect. If they can not murder them, the goal is to paralyze them. This happened when they killed Christopher Dorner, and then set him on fire. This happened when they paralyzed Christopher Monfort, and he later died in prison. Two individuals who killed police in response to the torture inflicted on black and poor communities.

Michael Reinoehl did not kill a cop. He killed a fascist, a member of a group known as Patriot Prayer. Police found Michael and shot him over fifty times, riddling him with bullet holes. In an interview with vice the day before his murder, Michael was very composed and referred to a lawyer he was consulting. He was an advocate for revolutionary self-defense and recognized the severe risks involved in the battle against fascism during these intense times in the world, however it was obviously seen in his composure that he was not preparing to go out with a bang or “suicide by cop”. He was murdered, and brutally murdered, in accordance to the same tradition practiced by police when they “lose” one of their own. And while this dead nazi he killed was not a police officer, the actions of the police who murdered Michael assert the already obvious fact that the police have a side in the battle of fascism and anti-fascism.

Michael must be mourned and celebrated. His courage and struggle must be remembered in the future struggles against fascism, and in the courage we demonstrate regardless of the odds we face. His life was not lost in vain; we don’t forgive, and we don’t forget.

No good cops. No tolerance for nazis. No difference in the two.

In memory of Michael, and all courageous fighters against authoritarianism and fascism, now and forever.