Breonna Taylor was an EMT sleeping in her bed in March in Louisville, Kentucky.Without warning, cops raided her apartment as a mistake. Her ex-boyfriend used her address as his own, and was wanted on charges, however he did not live with her. Her current boyfriend shot at the cops in self-defense, not knowing they were police as they broke into their home in the middle of the night without warning and out of uniform. Not that it mattered, however this is a fact.

One of the cops was wounded, while Breonna was shot in her bed atleast five times.Nothing is new here, except Breonna was “lucky” to have the media give her death attention, likely because she was an essential worker during corona virus, and her death was shortly before the world’s attention on american police murders was heightened after the killing of George Floyd. If not, her boyfriend may be in jail, and she may have been forgotten, rather then have received broader attention and a movement that fought for her name to be remembered in the streets.

This week after months of anticipation and hope from america’s liberal establishment that “justice” could be served by the same forces inflicting injustice, the grand jury, which is a hearing that is done out of public view, has decided to dismiss the charges against two police officers, and only charge one of the officers for the bullets that did not kill Breonna, but struck the white neighbour’s apartment. Meaning, the only officer charged, was charged with the bullets he fired that didn’t hit Breonna.

We have no faith in the liberal calls to expect the police to police themselves. Prior to the decision, one of the officers wrote an email claiming that whatever happens in the case, those resisting for Breonna’s memory are thugs and animals, and the police are in a fight of good verse evil.

Those in blue who engage in this war he refers to, are sheer evil.

Riots and huge demonstrations broke out in Lousiville, Portland, NYC, and other cities across the United States after the verdict was announced this week. A broader escalation of resistance is happening in the streets in accordance with the rage ignited by the decision to allow these murderers to go unpunished (Even though the city has paid 12 million dollars to the family due to a lawsuit, somehow the officers are not at fault.). Faith in the false promises of state justice are being more and more forgotten and ignored as those in the streets become increasingly radical.

This is a daily occurrence in the USA. Nothing is new here.

Ten yeas ago, in May 2010 in Detroit, officers also raided the wrong house due to a mistake of address. They were filming a reality show about detectives in Detroit. The officers killed Aiyana Jones, a 7 year old girl, by firing into the wrong house they intended to raid. They shot a stun grenade in the home, setting her blanket on fire, then shooting her to death. Her grandmother was later beaten as she cried for her murdered granddaughter, and the television crew was forced to hand over their footage. At this time, the case was not popular news, because Black Lives Matter unfortunately had not become a trending movement. The charges against the officer were dropped.

Breonna was murdered in her own home, while Trump was president. Aiyana was murdered in her own home, while Obama was president. The situation of systematic racism and white supremacy, and the materialization and enforcement of it through the violent behavior of police is as “american as cherry pie”. The rage in the United States is escalating, and those in the streets face the threat of bullets by both the police and their fascist allies. The rage in the streets of the USA is demonstrating a courage that is more concerned with the passion for freedom than the punishment the state continues to threaten. We must declare solidarity with those in the streets of the USA taking on one of the most repressive states in the world. It is not enough to be against racism, we must be anti-racist. May the memory of Breonna live on in the streets, and in a borderless solidarity of resistance to the scum in uniform who perpetuate misery for people of color, immigrants, indigenous people, and all deemed inferior within the plague of white supremacy.

The announcement of the charges against the police being dropped was made by a black Attorney General. We included a speech from a BLM activist known as Tamika Mallory in response to the verdict. Even if a few black men are made examples of by the system by being put into positions of power, it will always be for spectacle, as the system will always be one based on a historical European colonialism that lives on through institutionalized white supremacy.

Death to racism.

No tolerance for intolerance.